gay weddings on maui show on videoGay Wedding Video

We wanted to provide a taste of what a Gay Hawaii Wedding looks like. This video is a short snippet of a wedding and honeymoon on Maui. See a Hawaiian wedding at

The Gay Wedding Video shows what is like to arrive in Paradise driving your a cool convertible to the resort. The wedding snippets show the chant of the Hawaiian officiate and the beautiful tropical Hawaiian flowers.

A Hawaii Wedding is different than in most parts of the country. With year-round warm weather and romantic  beaches, wedding couples opt out of church weddings for the most part, and have their wedding on a beautiful  Maui beach. The ceremony begins with a welcome by the officiant, the beautiful lei exchange which has so much significance in Hawaii, the Hawaii Wedding vows, and then the ring exchange.

Couples are pronounced at the end however they want. It seems most couples like being pronounced “wife and wife” or “husband and husband”.  Some couples like being pronounced “partners united in love”

If you decide on a video, Package #4 includes it along with photography. You are professionally “miked” and the audio is crystal clear. The video is broadcast quality (not the shaking and bad audio of an amateur) After the ceremony he shoots fun, romantic shots of you and your family/friends, all of it edited together with music and titles. It is something to been treasured for a lifetime, and in the future couples  play it back to hear the voices of each another saying their vows, etc, and play it at their reception for those who could not attend.  All of our couples over the years have been glad they did this.) Please advise.


In any event, the Gay Wedding video of a Hawaii Wedding is pretty cool. Take a look at it and let us know.