Gay and Lesbian Weddings on Maui Hawaii

We offer Gay and Lesbian Hawaii weddings on Maui Hawaii. is a gay-owned company, licensed in Hawaii. We provide LGBT Officiants, photographers, wedding planning, license info, etc. See wedding pricing here.

 Who and Why Gay Hawaii Wedding?

Since we began in 1994 we have been a leader in the march toward marriage equality in Hawaii, advocating through letter writing campaigns, public awareness and by lobbying our legislators. There is no better place for a destination wedding and honeymoon than Maui Hawaii, a gay-friendly island.

It is worth noting that other wedding companies advertise gay Hawaii gay weddings but most are not LGBT owned and/or operated. If you have questions please email us for a prompt response or call toll-free at 1-800-859-0072. Our direct/international phone is 808-891-1208.

Hawaii Wedding Ceremonies

gay and lesbian weddings on has several ministers or non-religious Officiants who can perform your choice of a; Christian, Spiritual non-religious, Civil, or Hawaiian ceremony, listed below. You may also write your own vows, if desired. Click to see text of the ceremony.

Christian Traditional
Spiritual Non-Religious
Hawaiian Ceremony
Civil Ceremony

Maui Wedding Locations

gay wedding on maui locationWhere to have a Maui wedding

Getting married in Hawaii is a dream we have made come true for  years. Our most popular Maui venues for gay and lesbian weddings on Maui are Poolenalena Beach, Wailea Beach, Makena Cove, and Kihei beaches, Kula Botanical Gardens, Country Church Makena Beaches, Four Seasons Wailea, Grand Wailea and Wailea Marriot, Andaz. Kea Lani, Palms, Ekahi, Ekolu,  We can also perform Hawaii weddings in front of most ocean resorts and condos. See our Maui, Hawaii Wedding location page. In addition to ceremony locations there are many gay and gay-friendly Maui hotels and vacation rentals to choose from for your accommodations.


Maui Hawaii Wedding Packages with prices

We have created several gay Maui Hawaii packages that you can choose from. Our simple and complete wedding package is $395, followed by packages that contain, photographers, videographers, beach flower circles, hair/make-up and many options. It is your Maui wedding, and you can have it however you want! Your same sex marriage performed in Hawaii is automatically recognized by all other states and federally, and recognized by countries that have legal gay marriage. Maui sunset weddings are by far the most popular and simply “no ka oi” (the best). Magnificent Hawaiian sunsets paint a picture of romance, setting the stage for an unforgettable wedding. Even the serene Pacific ocean is brimming with an undeniable sensuality.

gay weddings on maui, hawaii with lesbian minister

Julie and Marie's gay marriage and wedding on Maui Hawaii

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Google reviews

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Google reviews

 Google Reviews Our verified Google reviews ( click to see) are 5 stars with over 20 verified customers commenting about us. At Gay Hawaii Wedding  we are thrilled with the 5.0 score. These reviews are from confirmed customers ( with full names and their email addresses ) over the last years. We have been in business for 24 years on Maui. We have done over 8000 gay and straight weddings on Maui. We started performing commitment ceremonies in 1994 and have been a leader in the march toward marriage equality in Hawaii, advocating through letter...

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Gay Marriage and Gay Rights

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Gay Marriage and Gay Rights

Gay Marriage and Gay Rights have come so far in the United States, but there is still so much to do in the USA and in the world. My Iranian friend in the UK tells me of the terrible things occuring in Iran. The UK has accepted political asylum from gays and lesbians and are giving them shelter from the oppressive and homophobic regime. There is an organization in the UK that needs all of our help.

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Gay Wedding Video

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Gay Wedding Video We wanted to provide a taste of what a Gay Hawaii Wedding looks like. This video is a short snippet of a wedding and honeymoon on Maui. See a Hawaiian wedding at The Gay Wedding Video shows what is like to arrive in Paradise driving your a cool convertible to the resort. The wedding snippets show the chant of the Hawaiian officiate and the beautiful tropical Hawaiian flowers. A Hawaii Wedding is different than in most parts of the country. With year-round warm weather and romantic...

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Gay marriage still shunned

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There is real trend of increasing support for LGBT marriage on our planet. Much of the research that was performed in 2nd and 3rd world nations countries from 2000-2010. It shows most people are “okay” with gay marriage. The support hits all demographics: age, gender, education.

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Gay weddings challenged

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Gay weddings in some states are being challenged. Alabama has become the next state to try to hinder gay weddings. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has decided to ignore the US Supreme Court’s ruling 18 months ago that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Many Alabama judges are agreeing with the Chief and not issuing marriage licenses to all couples regardless of their preference of who they want to marry.

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Maui Gay and Lesbian Wedding Information

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We are often asked when is the best time of the year to come to Maui and quite simply any month has great weather here. Low temperatures in the winter months average between 78-80 degrees. Summer months average 85-90 degrees. The Southwest side of Maui is a semi-desert so we average just 10″ of rain per year with December – February as the “rainiest” time of the year. Maui has been voted island world-wide for 17 consecutive years by readers of Conde Neste Travel Magazine. and is very gay and lesbian friendly. No other island in the Hawaiian chain has received this honor.

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