Maui Wedding  Ceremony Flowers and Bouquets. Scroll down to see bouquets. Pricing includes delivery to venue.

Circle of flower petals $450.

Add a pop of color to your ceremony! These flower petal circles are make with fresh real flower petals (roses, hibiscus and bougainvillea).

Gay wedding

Poolenalena beach is the best beach on Maui for weddings. We have been using it for over 27 years.

flower petal circle for wedding on maui

flower circle of petals
















Please note you may also e-mail us photos of bouquets and we will have our florist quote on that same style.




dendrobium bridal bouquet

Dendrobium Orchid Spray

From $125

cymbid_and_roses bouquet for maui wedding

Cymbidium Orchids and Pastel Roses


tropical bouquet for hawaii weddings

Tropical with Vibrant Color Mix (Seasonal Flowers)



red and orange flowers for gay and lesbian weddings in Hawaii

Flame Calalilies with Orange and Red Color Mix



Green Cymbidium Orchids


lilies and orchids bridal bouquet on Maui

White Lilies, and White Orchids

$200 medium


mini calas maui wedding flowers

White Mini Cala Lilies

w/10 stems $195,  20 stems $250

orchid cascade bouquet for a maui wedding

Tropical Orchid Cascade


pastel mix bridal flowers in hawaii

Pastel Seasonal Mix



red roses are a favorite for lesbian wedding on Maui

Hand Tied Roses (available in red, yellow, white and pink)

1 dozen $195   18 roses $250

Stargazer bouquet is nice tropical accent for a hawaii wedding

Stargazer Lily with Pastel Mix Bouquet


white roses bouquet

Modern White Nosegay with Green Beargrass Swirls

1 dozen roses without Beargrass $225 With Beargrass $235