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Gay marriage still shunned

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Although great progress has been made in the world with gay marriage recognition, still most counties disallow it. Discrimination is still rampant in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Studies have shown that countries that do allow gay marriage have stability, less gay promiscuity, and zero change in the straight culture of marriage.

Perhaps the greatest LGBT struggle of today is in the extreme Muslim countries. Gays from Iran and other anti-gay countries are obtaining asylum in the USA and European countries. They face forced sex change operations or jail just for being who they are. This author spoke to one Iranian man who was just granted asylum in USA. He said he was so happy to be leaving but thinks he may never see his family again.  When asked where he was going to be placed by the US consulate in USA he said he did not know, and did not care as long as it was the USA.  It reminded me of all the problems we have,  how fortunate many of us are to live in the USA or Europe.

Gay marriage is just the first step for us in America and Europe. We must help our gay brothers and sisters in any way. We at will not stop for just marriage equality but will do whatever we can to help those who live in real fear.

Gay marriage discriminationMuch research on the gay  marriage issue has been completed. There is a real trend of increasing support for LGBT marriage on our planet.  Much of the research that was performed in 2nd and 3rd world nations countries from 2000-2010.  It shows most people are “okay” with gay marriage. The support hits all demographics: age, gender, education. Yet, politicians from around the world do not proceed with enacting legislation. China, the worlds most populous nation still has not moved towards legalization and the LGBT community remains in the closet due to fear of losing ones job to being shunned by their family and friends. One Chinese man told this author, he may not lose his job if he was “found out” but he definitely would not get a job promotion. Many Chinese LGBT marry the opposite sex for fear of societal and family discrimination and a desire to lead a life that is easier. But there is great sadness.

So, with the USA making gay marriage legal, will the rest of the world remain in the discriminatory mode, or will bigotry become a thing of the past?  Time will tell.


Updated May 13, 2016

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Gay weddings challenged

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February, 2015, Gay weddings in some states are being challenged. Alabama has become the next state to try to hinder gay weddings. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has decided to ignore the US Supreme Court’s ruling 18 months ago that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Many Alabama judges are agreeing with the Chief and not issuing marriage licenses to all couples regardless of their preference of who they want to marry.

Already, some gay couples are finding it more difficult to find a legal authorized State employee to provide them their rights. Couples are having to drive longer distances and wait. The homophobic chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court does not agree with the US government.  “At this point, I am not defying the United States Supreme Court,” the 68-year-old Christian judge and Republican said. He said “It couldn’t serve as precedent because we ruled first,”  Justice Moore referred to the Supreme Court ruling, Obergefell vs. Hodges.President Obama on gay marriage in Hawaii

Gay weddings have been occurring in every State. In Hawaii, Gay Hawaii Wedding has coordinated over 800 legal gay weddings since 2013. Alabama gay marriage is threatened by this activist because of his religious beliefs. We in Hawaii welcome all gay Alabama couples to come to Hawaii and get married and honeymoon if they so desire. In the meantime, we continue to offer moral support and informing the LGBT community on what is occurring in Alabama.

Update: Jan 21, 2105, President Obama said today the US supreme court decided the case for all 50 states and that Alabama will eventually have to comply.


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Maui Gay and Lesbian Wedding Information

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Maui Gay and Lesbian Wedding information • Reservation info 

A gay and lesbian wedding on Maui, Hawaii

One of our happy couples

We are often asked when is the best time of the year to come to Maui and quite simply any month has great weather here. Low temperatures  in the winter months average between 75-80 degrees. Summer months average 80-90 degrees. The Southwest side of Maui is a semi-desert so we average just 10″ of rain per year with December – February as the “rainiest” time of the year. Maui has been voted best island world-wide ( yes world-wide) with Expedia in 2016, Trip Advisor  in 2106, and for 19 consecutive years by readers of Conde Neste Travel Magazine. No other island in the Hawaiian chain has received this honorMaui is a very gay and lesbian friendly and lesbian weddings on Maui, Hawaii

It is recommended you plan on arriving on Maui 2 days prior to the ceremony date. This allows for couples to adjust to the time-zone change, obtain a marriage license and relax a little before the ceremony. Hawaii’s marriage laws are very liberal. There is no waiting period, no blood tests of any kind, and the meeting with the State Marriage License Agent is less than 30 minutes long. All you do is complete a one page form, show legal photo ID (such as a driver’s license) and pay the Agent $70 cash. Please email us with any questions. We plan and coordinate your Maui wedding, all you have to do is show up!

Our Maui wedding location page details the locations for your ceremony site. The best beach we like to hold wedding and vow renewals on Maui is Poolenalena beach as it has a secluded side to it with no hotels around so the beach is much less crowed than other beaches. You can also opt to have your Maui wedding or vow renewal at your hotel or condo beach.

We are asked frequently where to stay on Maui. Our hotel page details this question. Everyone loves our 5 star reviews of our oceanview honeymoon vacation rental apartment. We like the South west part of Maui which is Kihei, Wailea, Makena and Maalaea. This part of Maui is less touristy, has better beaches, and is closer to all the major attractions on Maui such as our 10,000 foot volcano that you can drive up to see. It’s awesome and is a must-see on Maui. The waterfalls on Maui are located on the East side of the island and is a nice side trip to see on one of your days here. We do not recommend staying on the East side of Maui as it rains frequently and is far from the other attractions here on our island. To see all there is to do on Maui.

Gay Maui weddings  are discussed on the website. Click here for gay wedding packages  You can add or delete anything from the packages. Our philosophy is “it’s your wedding and you can have it any way you like”. The pricing of our packages has not been increased in over 2 years and we believe you can have a very nice memorable wedding without having to pay an exorbitant amount. Our pricing reflects this fair practice.

We have planned and coordinated over 8000 weddings ( yes, over 8000) on Maui since 1994! Over the years we have learned how to make your wedding stress-free, fun, romantic, and elegant. Sometimes we are asked by potential customers why they should select us to handle their wedding instead of the hotel wedding departments where they stay. The answer is quite simple.  As an owner operated Maui wedding company we are experienced. Employees of hotels come and go and are not necessarily invested in making sure your wedding is successful. We are the ones that set the stage, that others follow. We know every beach, every hotel, every State license agent, the best restaurants and the ones to avoid. We can hold your wedding on the beach that fronts your hotel or condo as all Hawaii beaches are public and not owned by a hotel.


Our Hawaii Wedding reservation process is easy. Just call us toll-free at 800-859-0072 during normal business hours. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Hawaii Time, Mon-Sat (11:00 am -8:00 pm Pacific, 12:00 pm. -9:00 pm Mountain, 1:00 pm- 10:00 pm Central,  2:00 pm-11:00 pm Eastern  ) You can place the deposit on a credit card. The deposit is 50% of the Hawaiian package price. The deposit is TOTALLY REFUNDABLE except $150 up until 30 days prior to the wedding date. The balance is not due until one day prior to your Maui wedding or vow renewal. Most couples are very happy with this policy because if you do need to cancel you are not out a lot of money.

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Gay and Lesbian Weddings on Maui Hawaii

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Gay Weddings are legal in the United States

Maui, Hawaii remains the best place to get married and honeymoon for gays and lesbians. Many couples from around the world come to Maui, Hawaii to get married.

Gay and lesbian weddings on Maui Hawaii are recognized in your respective states as well as federally and all couples from all other states that get married in Hawaii will be recognized on a federal level. See our LGBT Maui wedding package pricing here. Couples who reside in countries where gay marriage is legal will also be recognized. is a gay Hawaii owned and operated wedding company licensed in Hawaii since 1994. We were the only wedding company that had been advocating for marriage equality in Hawaii since 1994 starting off with letter writing campaigns and lobbying our legislators.

There is no better place to have a wedding and honeymoon than Maui, voted Best Island worldwide once again. (20 consecutive years, a record). We are a very gay-friendly island. View our Yelp! Reviews.
Maui-Gay-Wedding, Gay Marriage in Hawaii

We are well known in the Maui community and are members of the Hawaii Visitors Bureau and the Maui Wedding Association. We have been featured on NPR Radio, local newspapers and most recently on ABC News (click on the link to the right to see the report). We were also featured in USA Today. Click on gay wedding packages (at the top of page) to see pricing and gay wedding locations. Please note other wedding companies are now also advertising gay weddings on Maui but most are not LGBT owned and operated. To reserve your Maui wedding, call us toll-free (800) 859-0072 or email us today. Thirty Two US states  (and D.C.) recognize Hawaii’s gay marriages. If your state does not recognize your rights yet, at least you will be legal in Hawaii and many other states. Your marriage will be recognized federally and you will get all federal benefits regardless of what State you reside.

Did we mention that Maui is very gay-friendly?  Please see our list of gay and gay-friendly Maui hotels and condos. Why get married on Maui? Maui has been voted best island word-wide for 20 consecutive years by readers of Conde Naste magazine and is the ideal location to have your wedding and honeymoon. This year Maui was voted the world’s favorite travel destination surpassing destinations such as Sydney, Florence and San Francisco.  We have the best beaches, waterfalls, 10.000 ft volcano, hiking, and year-round warm sunny climate. Please see our list of Maui wedding locations.

Maui sunset weddings are by far the most popular, and simply no ka oi (the best) Magnificent sunsets paint a picture of romance, setting the stage for an unforgettable same gender Hawaii wedding. Even the serene Pacific Ocean is brimming with an undeniable sensuality. See our gay Hawaii wedding packages with pricing. Weddings can take place at the beach fronting the Grand Wailea Resort, Wailea Marriot, Fairmont Kea Lani, Four Seasons, Andaz Maui and most Kihei beaches,  or our secluded beach. See location page, top of page

Your Hawaii wedding ceremony can be religious or non-religious. View our Gay Hawaii Wedding Ceremonies HereCeremonies begin with a welcome, followed by the Vows. Couples repeat traditional or contemporary vows, or couples can recite their own. Rings are then exchanged, followed by a brief closing. has several ministers we use who can perform religious, non-religious, and Hawaiian ceremonies. The Ceremony begins with a Welcome, followed by the Vows. Couples repeat traditional or contemporary vows, (or couples can recite their own) Rings are then exchanged, followed by a brief closing. Religious ceremonies include opening and closing non-denominational prayer. You can also select a Jewish ceremony. Please email us with any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-800-859-0072


Hawaii Wedding Ceremonies

There are four ceremonies that we can perform. Wedding couples may select one of the following ceremonies. You may also write your own vows if you so desire.

gay and lesbian weddings on maui

hawaii_gay_wedding, legal gay marriage hawaii, legal gay marriage on Maui

Maui Wedding Locations

Our most popular Maui venues are Poolenalena Beach, Wailea Beach, Five Palms Oceanfront Restaurant, Makena Cove, and Kihei beaches, Kula Botanical Gardens, Makena Beaches, Four Seasons Wailea, Grand Wailea and Wailea Marriot. We can also perform your wedding in front of most ocean resorts and condos. See our location page

Maui Wedding Packages

We have created several gay Maui packages that you can select. Our simple and complete wedding package is $395, followed by packages that contain, photographers, videographers, flowers, hair/make-up and many options. It is your Maui wedding, and you can have it however you want! Aloha.

gay weddings on maui, hawaii with lesbian minister

Julie and Marie's gay marriage and wedding on Maui Hawaii

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